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The world friender is popularly use for meeting of one or more than one friends at any specific location in a planned or unplanned manner. If you are a in London, then chances of unplanned friender activity can be very less because all the people remain busy in this city in their work and sometime people do not cross each other at all even if they are suing the same metro station in London. Therefore it is suggested that if you want to have a friender with your friends in London, then instead of thinking about an accidental meeting you should plan it with all of your friends and you should meet each other to have some nice and relaxing time with this friender activity in London.

Here, some of you may claim that you people do not get enough time to communicate with each other due to busy work schedule and you meet them only via online communication. I have partial agreement with that also, but I also believe that if you really want to this friender with your friends, then you can use so many options for this planning including online communication. Talking about options for this planning, you can use different kind of online communication for planning of this friender. For this you can simply create an event in online calendar with a named called friender and you can share that colander with all of your friends via emails or other options. Since, these days all the people in London remain online using their smart phone or computing devices, so they would not have any trouble understand this calendar for friender.

If you think that online calendar is not working, then you can create a mailing group or you can shoot a mail to all those people whom you want in this friender, In that mail you can explain each and everything in details and you can share what you have in your mind. Also, you can take other peoples opinion for same and if your friends stay online like many other people in London, then they will give their input as soon as you will send email to them. Other than this, you can also create a whatsapp group and you can add all of your friends in that online group and you can communicate about this planning to make sure you and all other people meet at the fixed time in London.

In this method of planning your friender via online mediums, you get so many benefits but the biggest benefit is that you spend no extra time for that. That means neither you nor any of your friends will need to invest any time for planning of this event. However, you all can met with each other in London by taking out some buys time from your buys life and you can have a relaxing experience with your old friends. So, in short I would say if you have friends in London, but you get a chance to meet them only online, then plan something like this and meet them in London with regular interval.

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