Adult Sex Games

All the adult people want to enjoy the best sex with their partner, and I have to admit that there is nothing wrong in this desire. To have the best fun and pleasure with your partner, you can try a lot of different things and playing adult games is one of those things. But if you are not sure what kind of adult games you should play with your partner to have better sex, then following are the three best sex games that you can play with your adult partner and you both can enjoy it in a great way.

Hot and cold: This one of the simplest sex games that you can play with your adult partner, but this simplicity does not mean it is not funny or entertaining. This game is best after dinner and you can use the hot or cold food as desert while playing the game. As far as rule of this game is concerned, you just need to ask put the hot or cold food on your adult partner and then you can eat it all. This might seem a simple thing, but when you do it then it turns out as one of the best sex games and not only you but your adult partner also gets great fun in it.

You got 30 seconds: Many adult people may consider this as one of the most annoying sex games, but I am very much sure that once they will try then they will become a fan of this game. In this game, you and your adult partner both need to give pleasure to each other in 30 seconds. In this game, you both get only 30 seconds to give pleasure to each other and as soon as alarm goes off after 30 seconds you need to turn your positions. That means if man is giving pleasure to woman, then just after 30 seconds are over, woman need to give pleasure to man and this can keep on going as long as both want.

Try not to have sex: People may put this game also in the list of annoying sex games, but they will surely change their opinion as soon as they will play this game. Unlike other games, in this particular fun method, you need to stay away from sex as long as possible but you need to entire your partner with various activities. This is one of those games in which both the adult partner can participate together and then they can take their decision or same as well in easy ways.

Other than these three sex games, you can also try other things such as slippery fun in which you both will have lot of oil an slippery body. Also, you both can share your fantasy and you may try to have the sexual pleasure according to that fantasy and you can try to give the pleasure to your partner also acceding to the fantasy that your partner have in his or her mind and you can give great pleasure to your partner.

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